whiskeylight (whiskeylight) wrote in summer_s_a_d,

Planning Ahead

We have had an unusually warm and snowless winter, but are now finally getting some winter weather. In fact, we just had to get more firewood. Right now I am trying to just enjoy it and not let the coming summer get me down before I actually have to live with it.

I get agitated when people start carrying on about how great it is that winter is almost over. Being in gardening groups online doesn't  help, but I like gardening and plants, I just try to limit any activities to late evening.

The truth is I even like Spring. Of course, our springs are usually snowy and rainy which makes them very nice, but I also like seeing things bloom and come to life. If it didn't mean that summer was coming I would really look forward to spring.  I like fall and winter more, but I enjoy the changing of seasons and variety.

So, right now while I feel good and can think clearly I am trying to think of anything that will make it easier on me this year. I know I want to start taking my supplements ahead of time. I'm sure there are other things that would be helpful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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