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Tips for Summer Depression


School’s out. It’s hot. And you’re not having any fun.
By R. Morgan Griffin
WebMD Medical Reference


Ah, the joys of summer. The withering heat. School vacations, when your kids give you minute-to-minute updates on their boredom levels. Isn’t summer supposed to be fun and relaxing? If you’ve got summer depression, it isn’t.

For some people, summer depression has a biological cause, says Ian A. Cook, MD, the director of the Depression Research Program at UCLA. For others, the particular stresses of summer can pile up and make them feel miserable.

What makes depression in summer especially hard is that you feel like you’re supposed to be having a great time. Everyone else seems so happy splashing in the water and sweating in their lawn chairs. So why can’t you? And more importantly, what can you do to make this summer easier? Here’s what you need to know about summer depression.

Understanding Summer Depression

Why do some people feel more depressed in summer? Here’s a rundown of reasons


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That's a very interesting article, thank you for sharing it!

Planning ahead as much as possible is what's been getting me through the summers the last couple years. It's not easy, but I try to cut back on my obligations and give myself lots of time to accomplish even minor tasks.
any validation of summer sad is good to are you all coping...its been hot almost a week and i feel im at the bottom of a mountain wondering how on earth im going to get through the next 3months...counting the days until summer solstice when at least it wont get any lighter and dark returns.
i feel so alone while it feels like the rest of the planet dance in the sun light and heat
blackouts are least im getting snuggling dark evenings ..though when its hot i have to have window open more...
with love
Thanks for the link! Very glad when Summer SAD gets acknowledged, and hopefully the article will help somebody.