saskiasmith (saskiasmith) wrote in summer_s_a_d,

New Summer SAD article

First of all I know there are a lot of Northwesterners on this site so I want to send my condolences on the huge heat wave you have right now :-P I am secretly glad I did not plan my vacation up there for July as usual, heh! 

Secondly if you hadn't heard there is another article out by on Summer SAD (I am in the interview--I gave them lots of good material, most of which they completely ignored, oh wel!).  I'm glad for the spolight it at least puts on the factor of light.  Right now, however, I'm more concerned with the heat.....someone hand me raincloud, please!

Hope everyone is doing well.
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I'm glad to see another article out there on the subject! I wish it had spent more time addressing just how strongly Summer SAD can impact people, but it's a good conversation-starter to share with others.

My condolences as well to folks in the Pacific NW right now; may you find ways to stay cool and out of the sun.
Thanks for posting that! I'm delighted whenever I see Summer SAD getting a little more public exposure, and more people realize that's what they're suffering from.

Been blessed with one of the 10 coldest Julys here in Minnesota; I hope everybody else is holding up!