jen (strahlend31) wrote in summer_s_a_d,

heat wave

Well my friends, in this neck of the woods we've reached the triple digets. Even with two air conditioners and four fans the house has been getting really hot and uncomfortable. The typical symptoms are upon me. Lethargy, unable to think clearly, feeling easily overwhelmed, tired, and the oppressive heaviness that comes with knowing that there is no escape, no solution, nothing to do but wait days, weeks, whatever for this to pass. Until then I'm feeling like a shadow of myself. I lay around drinking ice water, reading by dim lights in front of a fan trying to avoid everything not absolutely necessary. I haven't been exercising because of the lethargy and the lack of desire to do anything that would increase the hot and sweaty factor. I don't feel able to concentrate on anything for very long. I wish I could enjoy more of my summer break from school and the free time this gives me with the kid-o, but that's just not happening. No art projects, no crafting, no cleaning, no organizing, nothing.... I just can't. I've even been avoiding my computer for the most part lately... I just can't seem to manage to focus long enough or generate interest enough to pay attention to anything. I'm utilizing all the tricks and techniques I can think of to try to get through this... but it's not enough to make me feel functional. I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable and cranky.
I usually try to post things that are helpful or informative here, but I'm in the grip of what this whole community is about and I'm just posting to share and commiserate this time.

How are you guys feeling lately? 
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