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Summer SAD

In the cave

3/26/09 10:46 am - wyedale - are you freaking out yet too ?

im wondering if anyone else is starting to get freaked out about spring and summer. im already freaking out that its quite light in the morning and have begun to put a blanket up at the window which has helped a lot - im dreading the clocks changing on sunday as i know what a sudden intrusion it is with the light...im telling myself at least it wont be hot in a while and as i write this the rain is coming down horizontally - yah.
im very excited though to have found some what claims to be total blackouts...they velcrose to the window..must get them up i think.
lots of love to all

3/6/09 03:14 pm - sunnyd12

Hi guys. I'm glad there's a community on this that's still active. Has anyone bought a dawn simulator alarm clock before? I got mine from a company called BioBrite (web site linked). The clock looks like this but has a radio in it, too:

I just got it and it's only been three days, but I feel better about waking up compared with what it was like. I think its sundown feature has helped me to fall asleep, too. I think I should have bought the more-expensive one. Any past experiences? I don't know what to expect.

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11/20/08 08:59 pm - desertsunflower - getting nice and cool yet?

Just saying hi to my Summer SAD "cousins." I noticed this community has quieted down now that winter is approaching. The opposite, naturally, occurs for we in the Winter SAD community. In there, right now, is a quite a few "we're doomed!" posts. (I say that tongue-in-cheek since I'm among those, more or less).

While I do not love the winter as much as you all do, it is a tad helpful for me to "live vicariously" through those who do. Maybe in the hopes of having a slightly more balanced ... something. Viewpoint? Well, nah, SAD isn't a viewpoint. Outlook? I don't know the right word (danged SAD-induced brain fog). But maybe you know what I mean.

May I ask you to share things autumn/winter-related that you've enjoyed lately? I am one who used to love autumn and it used to be my favorite season. So one of my favorite aspects of fall was Thanksgiving (of course), but for some reason, I equate apple dumplings or apple crisp as my favorite fall food. Mind you, there was never any snow in my part of the desert.

And when my grandmother made her famous ginger cream cookies (uber-soft gingerbread cookies with a slightly lemon tasting frosting), oh, I could just melt! But that was way back when I lived in Arizona and the summer heat would drive anyone mad. Even a winter-SAD person would probably find it overwhelming and start having the opposite symptoms after a few years of living there.

I know that once I moved to the cold, dark Yukon... my love of winter and fall were soured completely. It's a beautiful place but in a way I wish I hadn't moved there. I might still like fall if I hadn't.

Sorry for rambling, I tend to do that this time of year.  Anyway, I still thank you for letting me be in this community even if I am the mirror-opposite of what you experience. Enjoy this time of year, but be ready to trade again in a few months! LOL (I'm just pulling your leg, I wouldn't wish any-season SAD on anyone - it sucks).

9/20/08 12:38 pm - hazelwindows - Let Autumn Begin!

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9/19/08 09:05 am - hazelwindows - Expectant

It's cold and dark out today. I feel safer than I have in months with this new weather. Dare I hope that Autumn, after one false start, is actually here? I already made the mistake of removing my AC early, packing it away in the garage and then having to lug it back upstairs and reinstall it when the cool weather turned out to be only a fluke a week or so ago. It got back up in the 90's again.

cut for some lengthCollapse )

So. I'm hoping that this is going to be Autumn from here on out.

9/17/08 11:51 am - strahlend31

This summer has been too long. I thought it was on the way out back when we had some rain in August, but it wasn't in the cards. I posted last year about my love letter to fall and I not too long ago posted my Halloween shelf. A big part of how I get through the end of summer is by remembering the beauty of fall. Halloween. I enjoy the folksy down home halloween decorations, I enjoy adults playing dress up like kids, I like kids running around for free candy, I like the wind and the trees and candles and Vincent Price and Bella Lugosi movies. When the awful summer is over there's Halloween right there with rain and spooky stories and decorations. All of this was a way to introduce to interested parties something I just discovered today....  HALLOWEEN JUKEBOX- oh yeah. It's freakin' fantastic. There's quite a selection of ecclectic Halloween music, songs and sound clips. It's making my heart so happy right now that I had to share it with you guys. Seriously, this is great stuff, I can't stop smiling.

9/3/08 09:14 am - hyarmi_records - Happy September, everybody!

I'm getting a treat this week--temps dropped from middle/upper 80's over the weekend with warm nights to forecasted highs of upper 60's/low 70's. I hope they're right for once!

How's everybody doing?

8/14/08 10:47 pm - hazelwindows - Don't Settle for Misery

Did you know there are portable air conditioners? I didnt until I googled around tonight. There are also narrow ones that would fit into a cracked window. And there are ones that connect to the outside by tubing that can be fed up to a windowsill as well.

Those of you out there without decent AC-friendly windows are suffering needlessly!

look at this

and this

and there's a few in this group too

The point is, just check around before resigning yourselves to stuffiness and heat-induced insomnia. I know it's hard to think clearly during these times, but maybe there's something that will greatly help.

8/14/08 09:58 pm - strahlend31

It's hot. Triple digits hot. Today, tomorrow... maybe the next day. I am miserable. Short tempered. I feel like I am being roasted alive. I don't want to do anything, go anywhere or even talk. I can't seem to think clearly enough to make decisions, even little ones. The a/c in the bedroom keeps the room more ok than the rest of the house, but it's old and not up to the task of creating the polar conditions I would like (or even as chilled as it used to, I think it's on its last legs). The basement has warmed up. I have that suffocating "I can't get away from this" feeling that I get in the summer. I feel uncomfortable in so many ways that I'm bad company. I don't even want to be around myself when I'm like this.
Sorry this isn't a helpful post, I just felt like I needed to vent to people who understand.
How's everyone holding up?

8/11/08 09:54 am - strahlend31

While I was cleaning up my desk area yesterday I decided to decorate a shelf with Halloween-esque and Fall-ish things to remind me of the things I'm looking forward to.
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